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Rodney Williams Because it makes me feel like I am in Nature.
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Beneath the Surface

This album is best listened to in its entirety... an immersion; a journey.

All the music on this album is recorded in Tunnel Number Five under Darwin in August 2015. It contains traditional Zen meditations for shakuhachi (bamboo flute); original compositions and spoken word; improvisations for shakuhachi and violin(s); and a sleeping dragon! Track 4, 10 and 17 are improvisations recorded with a live audience during two underground performances. Spontaneous outpourings of music are fleeting, heard once then lost, so we are most grateful to location recordist David Matthews for his presence in the tunnel with us.

This music sounds great through stereo speakers and AWESOME through headphones to get the full effect of being inside the tunnel. Dave sat with microphones in a hat above his ears, his right ear facing the tunnel end just 22m from his seat, while his left ear faced the entrance 150m away. Both ends have open doorways cut through only part of the concrete wall, so the reflections are fabulous. In the gigs, audience members sat in a long line on either side of Dave, and the performers wandered freely along the full 172m of the tunnel. Each listener chose the placement of their own seat, ensuring a completely unique aural experience: an exciting feature of this venue. So, don your headphones, and join us on a journey beneath the surface.

Thank you to those who came to our concerts; and a big thank you to Robert Marchant of Darwin & Wallaroo Tours for his generous support in making this reverberant space available to record and perform in. We respectfully acknowledge the Larrakia people, in whose land this tunnel lies.
Anne Norman

For information on the performers and concerts in Tunnel Number Five, Darwin World War II Oil Storage Tunnels, visit:

For Album reviews:


released August 3, 2016

Anne Norman – shakuhachi and poetry
Emily Sheppard – violin
Anja Tait – violin

Sound Engineer: David Matthews



all rights reserved


Anne M Norman Melbourne, Australia

Anne is a shakuhachi player performing in a wide range of music. Anne trained in Japan in 3 lineages with Nakamura Shindo, Tajima Tadashi and Yamaguchi Goro. She has played since 1986 (following 14 years of playing silver flute).
Anne's latest album is with the trio Breath, featuring shakuhachi with beatbox and didgeridoo. Physical CDs of Ocean Breath may be ordered from
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Track Name: Sarus Cranes
An excerpt from this track also features on a short demo video clip:
Track Name: Tidal Rhythms
tidal rhythms course through my body
echoes of the ocean
of the living planet
an eternal ebb and flow
a breathing in and out
that goes deeper than my shallow breath
not just the air in my lungs
not just the sea-salt blood pumped by my heart
surging out through my arteries
and returning through veins
something much, much deeper
I sit still
and my crazy “I”
that nagging voice that demands its desires
flows out of me as I exhale
like the outgoing tide
I breathe in
the energy of the earth
the ocean
the sun
the moon
the stars
and I am filled with light
with infinite peace
with patience
the noisy “I” is momentarily

Track Name: Outside my window
outside my window summer trees stand stunned
adorned by water droplets sparkling in the morning light
while joyous bird calls fill my house with song
a weaving spider keenly watches bees
hovering from one flower to the next
a vertical string of sarcophagi beads threaded through her web
after years of bucketed bathwater
the garden laughs
as rain resumes its gift
this time more insistent than the last
heavy foliage bows in gratitude
in a world suffused by liquid particles of golden light

© Anne M Norman
Track Name: Rain Now and Then
PDF of score in staff notation available to those who buy this track. Email me for the file.
Track Name: Walking through
Walking through a forest...
along a beach...
I see echoes of repeated patterns;
whispered shadows of ideals;
spirals, circles, lines, curves...
No two waves break with the same ripples or sound;
and no two flowers are identical;
Yet all are perfect.
Track Name: Whispered Shadows
a bone, a leaf, a stone, an echo, a shell, a seed, a twig, a feather
... a shadow
Track Name: Laid in Earth
for more info about Tunnel Number Five where this was recorded, go to: