by Tunnel Number Five

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For five nights in August 2016, Tunnel Number Five was filled
with music. This is a selection of collaborations edited to fit
on one CD. Each concert featured a different mix of artists
performing antiphonally along the tunnel. If you have a fancy
home sound system, please turn off all effects and surround
sound functions as these disguise the physicality of the tunnel.
Headphones give a good stereo experience of being in the
172m of resonance with performers and audience.

Buy the physical CD with booklet: tunnelnumberfive.com/archive/2016-archive/

We recommend listening with earphones to get the full stereophonic effect of the movement of sound down the length of the tunnel. The microphones were facing each end of the 172m tunnel, in different locations on different nights, in the midst of a single line of 70 to 110 audience members as the performers stood or wandered along the tunnel before them. Recorded by Location Recordist, David Matthews.

Tunnel Number Five: festival of underground music 2016

Performers & co-creators: Jason Guwanbal Gurruwiwi, Anne Norman, Sarah Hopkins, Netanela Mizrahi, Ernie Gruner, Sebastian Guyundula Burarrawanga, Anja Tait and Henk Rumbewas. They are joined by Amanda Rumbewas (Papuan siber drum), Adrian Guyundu Gurruwiwi (yidaki), Cathy Dowden (whirly) and David Matthews’ field recording of Breathing Rocks.


released July 29, 2017

Photo: Floating origami candles made by Sachi Hirayama of Darwin Community Arts to decorate the water seepage overflow channels that run the length of our 172m stage. Tunnel Number Five 2016.

To read about the Tunnel Number Five annual concert series and artists, visit: tunnelnumberfive.com

TUNNEL NUMBER FIVE: festival of underground music 2016
assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body

VIDEO CLIP: Video clip: pozible.com/project/up-from-the-deep



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Anne M Norman Melbourne, Australia

Anne is a shakuhachi player performing in a wide range of music. Anne trained in Japan in 3 lineages with Nakamura Shindo, Tajima Tadashi and Yamaguchi Goro. She has played since 1986 (following 14 years of playing silver flute).
Anne's latest album is with the trio Breath, featuring shakuhachi with beatbox and didgeridoo. Physical CDs of Ocean Breath may be ordered from info@didgeridoobreath.com
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Track Name: Marrpan Miyapunu - Green Sea Turtle
Ya-a-a yuŋgultja garrwartjin, marrpan garrwartjin, marrpan miyapunu.
Ya-a-a marrpan nuŋgultja miyapunu Manawara. Marrpan.
Dha-wunydjulu wunydjulma. Marrpan miyapunu. Wunydjulma miyapunu garrwartjin. Dantja-dantjaŋuru miyapunu ŋarruŋan

Rising up, up from the deep, a green sea turtle surfaces
Track Name: Wärrarra - Dhuwa Sunset
Ganamba nyir’nyiryun djanbultjanpul, gulŋiyan ŋarruŋ ganamba,
djanbultjanpul wukulirri, warrkmaŋgan guyuwan, nyir’nyiryun ŋarruŋ
djanbultjanpul. Ŋunha nyir’nyiryuwan wukulirri, ŋunha guyuwan nyir’nyiryun

The setting sun, just over there... the sun has set.
Track Name: Remember the Joy — Buŋgul
Wirrpaŋuyu gunumburpuryuwan nyal-nyalyuwan
wirrpaŋu nyalnyalyunuwan Dhumara Garrimala

Look at the cloud formation rising up from Dhumara Garrimala
Track Name: Yinytjapana - Dolphin
Durruyuna ŋarruŋ guyapuya, miyapunu darrarraŋinythu. Durruyuna ŋarruŋ
guyupuma djekurrmi, guyambuya yothu nhinathuŋgan djekurrmi miyapunu. Mä-dhuniyan bulanybirrma gapirirrkul wunyunbi, mä-dittjuwan
bulanybirr ŋätjin, mä-dittjuwan burralgu dur’yunmi ŋätji miyapunu.

Mother and baby dolphin crying out. Baby dolphin is crying.
Baby wants to go back to be with mother dolphin.
Track Name: Lorrpu - White Cockatoo
Bunbuma badikan. Lorrpu ŋutjawirr lorrpu, ŋutjawirr ŋäthi nhina badikan,
bunbuma bunbuma ŋutjawirr. Badikan ŋäthi nhina, lorrpu badikan

white cockatoos cry out
Track Name: Ŋerrkŋerrk - Cockatoo Crying
Badikan badikan ŋäthi nhina. Bunbuma ŋäthi nhina badikan
ŋerrk-ŋerrk, ŋerrk-ŋerrk, ŋerrk-ŋerrk, ŋerrk-ŋerrk

a large flock of white cockatoos cry out, “make a shelter”
Track Name: Ŋurula - Wheeling Seagulls
Wirryunmaram, wirryunmaram. Bulwunu nhäma garrwarthinyawuy, bulwunu nhäma bayilki Ganalawurru, dhur’yun marrtji. Wirryunmaram, wirryunmaram. Bulwunu garrwarthinyawuy. Wiripuny warrakan Djambarrpuyŋu

Soaring up high, in the clouds, see the gentle dancing rain. Wheeling around the tiny island of Ganalawurru, the seagulls of the Djambarrpuŋyu clan.
Track Name: Emambo - Waiting for you
Emambo simbo. Mambo yaya yaya e, Emambo yaya e

Emambo, I have been waiting for you... but you don’t come home
Track Name: Gapu - Healing Water
Garrkuluk Djulararri lurryun yaka. Bäpawuŋ goŋ’buy mäluwuŋ Garraywuŋ,
Djärimi warradaymi Bunbarrmi. Djesu Djesu Mälu marrkapmi. Garrkuluk
ŋuwakthun Djärimi warradaymi Bunbarrmi. Gapu yutthun yaka barrwula.
Gapu Djärimi warradaymi. Gapu yutthun yaka lupthuma gapuyu wunaniyu,
lupthuma binyikŋa guluma, Djärimiyu warradaymiyu. Garrkuluk Djärimi

Healing water coming down. Djärimi river, rainbow-coloured,
from our heavenly father above. Jesu, Jesu. Praise to the heavenly father.
Heal us, cleanse us with your healing water.
Track Name: Yasobo Kura Baye - I’ll come with you
Yasobo kura baye, eee. Inari yabar yawei nabo, yasobo kura baye.
Ayama samiyo we bawa besora bemambe
Sawi, Sorano, Paiki, Ori naiwano, naiwane

I’ll come with you, my brother, I will carry the paddle.
Remember what the elders taught us when we were children.
How to travel to Sawi in the west, to Sorano in the east.
To the moon and sun.